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General Awareness, Marketing, Computers and Reasoning Sample Questions for IBPS Exams | PO Exams Sample Questions for Bank Exams In India

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General Awareness, Marketing and Computers:

This test is intended to check your General Knowledge and understanding of basic marketing and computer concepts to help judge your aptitude for the post of Probationary Officer.
Q.1. To combat the menace of money laundering, which of the following financial institutions has introduced the 'Know Your Customer' Scheme?
(1) IDBI (2) RBI (3) NABARD (4) SIDBI (5) Other than those given as options
Q.2. Which of the following sectors contributes maximum in deciding the growth in income of the states in India?
(1) Energy (2) Tourism (3) Service (4) Transport (5) Agriculture
Q.3. Which of the following is the state where the number of people living below poverty line is maximum?
(1) Bihar (2) Andhra Pradesh (3) Uttar Pradesh (4) Rajasthan (5) Orissa
Q.4. Who is the person closely associated with operation flood programmes and was honoured by Padma Vibhushan recently?
(1) Dr. V. Kurien (2) Dr. M. S. Swaminathan (3) Dr. Amartya Sen (4) Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (5) Other than those given as options 
Q.5. Which of the following factors influences buyer's behaviour?
(1) Cultural and Social factors (2) Economical and external factors (3) Personal and Psychological factors (4) both (1) & (2) or (5) both (1) & (3)
Q.6. Marketing for promotion of business in Banks involves :
(1) Better Customer Service (2) Customer need identification (3) Customised products (4) both (1) & (3)
(5) All (1), (2) & (3)
Q.7. 1010, 0101, 1100, 0011, 11100 --- what is next?
(1) 00100 (2) 00111 (3) 11100 (4) 10111 (5) 01010
Q.8. The function of CPU is ---
(1) to provide external storage of text (2) to create a hard copy (3) to create a new software (4) to read, interpret and process the information and instruction (5) Other than those given as options
Q.9. Pick the odd man out.
(1) Monitor (2) Keyboard (3) Floppy drive (4) Windows (5) Hard-disk drive
Q.10. The full form of LAN is ---
(1) Local Access Network (2) Local Area Network (3) Long Area Node (4) Local Area Node (5) Other than those given as options

This is a test to see how well you can think and also to judge your aptitude/ knowledge for working with computer.
It contains questions of various kinds. Here are some sample questions.
Q.11. If the letters in the word TOPS can be rearranged to form a meaningful word beginning with O, the last letter of that word is your answer. If more than one such word can be formed, M is the answer and if no such word can be formed, X is the answer.
(1) T (2) P (3) M (4) S (5) X
Q.12. 'Some leaders are dishonest. Satyapriya is a leader.' Which of the following inferences definitely follows from these statements ?
(1) Satyapriya is honest (2) Satyapriya is dishonest
(3) Some leaders are honest (4) Leaders are generally dishonest
(5) Satyapriya is sometimes dishonest
Q.13. Every person above eighteen years of age who is registered as a voter, can vote. To find out whether Madhu, who was born twenty years ago, can vote, which of the following further information is needed?
(I) Madhu's date of birth (II) Whether Madhu is registered as a voter 
(1) Only I (2) Only II (3) Either I or II (4) Neither I nor II (5) Both I and II
Q.14. Two statements followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to take the two given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts, consider the two conclusions; together and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the two given statements, disregarding commonly known facts.
Statements: I.All machines are windows. All windows are clouds.
Conclusions: I. All machines are clouds. II. All clouds are machines.
(1) None follows (2) Only I follows (3) Both I & II follow (4) Only II follows (5) Either I or II follows5
Directions: In each of the following questions, there are five letter groups or words in each question. Four of these letter groups or words are alike in some way, while one is different. Find the one which is different.
 (1) black (2) red (3) green (4) paint (5) yellow
Of the five, 'black, 'red', 'green' and 'yellow' form a group as they are names of colours. 'paint' is not the name of a colour. Therefore, (4) is the answer.

Q.15. (1) BC (2) MN (3) PQ (4) XZ (5) ST
 (1) Mango (2) Apple (3) Orange (4) Guava (5) Rose
Directions: In each of the following questions, there is a question mark in which only one of the five alternatives given under the question satisfies the same relationship as is found between the two terms to the left of the sign :: given in the question. Find the correct answer.
Example. Foot : man : : hoof : ?
(1) leg (2) dog (3) horse (4) boy (5) shoe
In the above example, 'hoof' has the same relationship with 'horse' as 'foot' has to 'man'. Hence the answer is (3).
Q.17. Day : Night : : Kind : ?
(1) Dark (2) Bright (3) Cruel (4) Generous (5) Gratitude
Q.18. Hut : Mansion : : Rabbit : ?
(1) Hole (2) Carrot (3) Elephant (4) Small (5) Rat

1) 2
2) 3
3) 5
4) 1
5) 5
6) 5
7) 5
8) 5
9) 1
10) 2
11) 4
12) 3
13) 4
14) 2
15) 4
16) 5
17) 3
18) 3

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