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Computer Awareness Questions and Answers for Clerk and PO Exams | Computer Awareness MCQ Part II

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1. All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks EXCEPT: 
A. hackers. 
B. spam. 
C. viruses. 
D. identity theft. 
Answer: B 

2. . The operating system is the most common type of ____________ software. 
A. communication 
B. application 
C. system 
D. word-processing software 
Answer: C 

3. ____________ are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices, such as your car or your electronic thermostat. 
A. Servers 
B. Embedded computers 
C. Robotic computers 
D. Mainframes 
Answer: B 

4. The metal or plastic case that holds all the physical parts of the computer is the: 
A. system unit. 
B. CPU. 
C. mainframe. 
D. platform. 
Answer: A 

5. ____________ is the science revolving around the use of nanostructures to build devices on an extremely small scale. 
A. Nanotechnology 
B. Micro-technology 
C. Computer forensics 
D. Artificial intelligence 
Answer: A 

6. Smaller and less expensive PC-based servers are replacing ____________ in many businesses. 
A. supercomputers 
B. clients 
C. laptops 
D. mainframes 
Answer: D 

7. System software is the set of programs that enables your computer’s hardware devices and ____________ software to work together. 
A. management 
B. processing 
C. utility 
D. application 
Answer: D 

8. All of the following are examples of storage devices EXCEPT: 
A. hard disk drives. 
B. printers. 
C. floppy disk drives. 
D. CD drives. 
Answer: B 

9. The ____________, also called the brain of the computer, is responsible for processing data. 
A. motherboard 
B. memory 
D. central processing unit (CPU) 
Answer: D 

10. Word processing, spreadsheet, and photo-editing are examples of: 
A. application software. 
B. system software. 
C. operating system software. 
D. platform software. 
Answer: A 

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