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Marketing Aptitude Multiple Choice Questions | General Awareness with Special Reference to Banking and Economy for Bank Exams in India

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Marketing Aptitude Multiple Choice Questions | General Awareness with Special reference to Banking and Economy for Bank Exams

1.  Which bank in January 2011 launched an online trading platform, marking its foray into retail broking business?
(A). AXIS Bank
(B). ICICI Bank
(C). Dena Bank
(D). Bank of Sind
Ans:- (A)

2. Which bank in January 2011 launched revamped Retail Credit Delivery Channel through their Retail centers?
(A). Union Bank
(B). United Bank
(C). Canara Bank
(D). Bank of India
Ans:- (D)

3. Which state government recently approached the Supreme Court to allow it to grant prospecting and mining leases to South Korean steel giant Posco which wants to set up a steel plant in the state?
(A). Tamil Nadu
(B). West Bengal
(C). Orrisa
(D). Mizoram
Ans:- (C)

4. Who among the following has been appointed as chief executive officer of Larsen and Toubro Ltd?
(A). Ravi Uppal
(B). Anuj Tyagi
(C). Amit Kohli
(D). Anita Desai
Ans:- (A)

5. The Allen Solly brand belongs to
(A). Raymonds
(B). Madura Garments
(C). Arvind Mills
(D). Lee Cooper
Ans:- (B)

6. With which business school do you associate the ad-line, ‘To be amongst the top is not an act, but a habit’?
(A). Harvard Business School
(B). Amity Business School
Ans:- (B)

7. Who became the brand ambassador for McDowell’s soda for a period of three years?
(A). Shahrukh Khan
(B). Sachin Tendulkar
(C). M.S. Dhoni
(D). Yuvra Singh
Ans:- (C)

8.  ‘Paints for dream homes’ is a slogan for
(A). Asian Paints
(B). Nerolac All Scapes
(C). Dulux Paints
(D). Berger Paints
Ans:- (C)

9. Which bank in recently got Securities and Exchange Board of India’s (SEBI) approval for its Rs. 600 crore initial public offering?
(A). Punjab and Sind Bank
(B). Central Bank
(C). P unjab National Bank
(D). State Bank of India
Ans:- (A)

10. Which of the following state shows the fastest growth in expanding Micro Finance business in the country?
(A). Gujarat
(B). Andhra Pradesh
(C). Kerala
(D). Karnataka
Ans:- (B)

11. Which of the following is not a Japanese company?
(A). Toyota
(B). Motorola
(C). Mitsubishi
(D). Suzuki
Ans:- (B)

12. The car Corona used to be manufactured by which of the following companies?
(A). Toyota
(B). Fiat
(C). Opel
(D). Maruti-Suzuki
Ans:- (A)

13. In a newspaper office, what is the morgue?
(A). Repository for reference material
(B). Repository for ads
(C). Bin to store earlier newspapers
(D). Bin to store old circulars
Ans:- (A)

14. Which private sector bank in December 2010 recalled at least Rs. 100 crore of loans it advanced to microfinance institutions?
(A). South Indian Bank
(B). IDBI Bank
(C). Yes Bank
(D). ICICI Bank
Ans:- (C)

15. ‘Look me in the eye and say you don’t want to ride’ is an ad line for
(A). Enfield Bullet
(B). Enfield Thunderbird
(C). Yamaha Crux
(D). Kawasaki Bajaj Eliminator
Ans:- (D)

16. MRF, one of the leading tyre manufactures of India, stands for
(A). Maruti Rubber Factory
(B). Madras Rubber Factory
(C). Madurai Rubber Factory
(D). Master Rubber Factory
Ans:- (B)

17. Seeking to take the India-South Korea trade ties to a new level, both countries on Jan 20 agreed to set a $30- billion bilateral trade to be achieved by
(A). 2012
(B). 2014
(C). 2016
(D). 2018
Ans:- (B)

18. Which company recently signed an agreement with Russia’s largest petrochemical company Sibur to set up a joint venture which will produce butyl rubber, raw material for manufacturing tyres?
(A). Apollo Tyres
(B). Reliance Power
(C). Reliance Industries
(D). All of these
Ans:- (C)

19. In which city are the headquarters of International Monetary Fund located?
(A). New York
(B). Sydney
(C). Gleneagles
(D). Washington D.C.
Ans:- (D)

20. Mobile banking is set to get a boost from IMPS, which stands for
(A). Inter-Bank Mobile Payment Service
(B). Inter-Bank Money Payment Service
(C). Inter-Bank Mobile Payment System
(D). Inter-Bank Money Payment System
Ans:- (A)

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