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Current Affairs September - October 2011 | Current Affairs MCQ

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1. Indian politician L.K Advani’s rath yatra called ‘Jan Chetna Yatra’ against corruption was started on October 11, from Sitabdiara, the birthplace of Jay Prakash Narayan.  Where is Sitabdiara situated?
a) Kishanganj (Bihar)
b) Aurangabad (Bihar)
c) Nawada (Bihar)
d) Saran (Bihar)
Ans: D

2. Which of the following ultra-mega power projects (UMPPs) is NOT promoted by Reliance Power?
a) Mundra UMPP (Gujarat) 
b) Sasan UMPP (Madhya Pradesh)
c) Tilaiya UMMP (Jharkhand)
d) Krishnapatnam UMPP (Andhra Pradesh)
Ans: A

3. Recently, the central bank RBI has announced guidelines for permitting banks and Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) to set up Infrastructure Debt Funds (IDFs) to accelerate and enhance the flow of long term debt in infrastructure projects. Which of the following guidelines is NOT true for the same? 
a) The IDF-MF would be regulated by the SEBI.
b) IDFs would be set up either as Mutual Funds (MFs) or NBFCs.
c) The IDF should be assigned a minimum credit rating ‘A’ by accredited rating agencies.
d)  NBFC sponsoring IDF-MF should have a minimum NOF of Rs 500 crore.
Ans: D

4. Which of the following Nobel laureates has not shared the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics?
a) Adam Riess
b) Brian Schmidt
c) Ralph Steinman
d) Saul Perlmutter
Ans: C

5. 5th India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) Summit was held on 18 and 19 Oct 2011 at 
a) Brasilia (Brazil)
b) Pretoria (South Africa)
c) Hyderabad (India)
d) Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Ans: B

6. Jasmine Revolution, a mass uprising against authoritarian regimes and governance deficit in the Arab world was firstly triggered in which of the following countries?
a) Tunisia
b) Palestine  
c) Libya
d) Sudan
Ans: A

7. Which Country has shown its desire to build high speed railway links with India?
a) China
b) Pakistan
c) Nepal
d) Sri Lanka
Ans: A

8. Who has been appointed the new director of Indian Institute of Technology-Madras ?
a) Subramanian Kartha
b) Bhaskar Ramamurthi
c) Ramasamy SM
d) Kurian Anthony
Ans: B

9. Who has been recently (in July) appointed as Solicitor General of India ?
a) P. P Malhotra
b) Santosh Hegde
c) Rohinton Fali Nariman
d) R Mohan
Ans: C

10. Which company bagged two awards for Jaguar and Land Rover from Autoweek at the Frankfurt Motor Show?
a) Bajaj India
b) Hero Motocorp
c) Maruti Suzuki
d) Tata Motors
Ans: D

11. Who has been appointed as chief of ITBP?
a) Ranjit Sinha
b) Ramamoorthy B
c) Akhil Khanna
d) Ashok Kumar Rana
Ans: A (ITBP stands for Indo-Tibetan Border Police)

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