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Part II Probationary Officer Exam Coaching Series - Coded Inequality and Decision Making

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Bank Test Coaching proudly announces its free exam coaching series for Probationary Officers. You will find lots of tips and tricks for faster calculation, free sample questions with explanatory answers and the theory explained in these series. All the study materials are available for free download as PDF Files. 

The second part in the series is Coded Inequality and Decision Making

The first part (Statement Assumptions) of this coaching series can be accessed here.
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Decision making carries a lot of importance in our daily life. There are occasions in our life when the right and the best decision help us tide over even the most complex of problems. Success of financial institutions like banks depends a great deal on timely decision. Questions based on decision making have
become a regular feature of most of the competitive examinations. Such questions are intended to check the decision making abilities, general intelligence, power of judgment and coordination and presence of mind of the candidates. Here we deal with a few types of decision making tests.

In this type of questions a symbol is given between two letters of the alphabet. You have to find out the meaning of each symbol by carefully studying the directions. In the questions that follow a statement is given which is followed by two conclusions. You have to find…

Download the 09 pages PDF e-book to read more. FREE Download click here. The tutorial contains the following topics:

Tips for quick answer
Practice Set
Sample questions and explanatory answers
Expected format of the questions for upcoming exams.

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