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Part I Probationary Officer Exam Coaching Series - Statement Assumptions

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Bank Test Coaching proudly announces its free exam coaching series for Probationary Officers. You will find lots of tips and tricks for faster calculation, free sample questions with explanatory answers and the theory explained in these series. All the study materials are available for free download as PDF Files. 
The first part in the series is Statement-Assumptions. 

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This is a very important topic. In recent exams 5 questions of this type are asked. So mastering this chapter is essential for success in competitive exams.

Directions : In each question below a statement (or a passage) is followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. An assumption is something supposed or taken in for granted. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and then decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement. Give answer:
1) if only assumption I is implicit.
2) if only assumption II is implicit.
3) if either assumption I or assumption II
is implicit.
4) if neither of the assumptions is implicit.
5) if both the assumptions are implicit.

Eg. Statement: Read the study material prepared by XYZ to get a high score in the exam.
I. Study material prepared by XYZ is of good quality.
II. Getting a high score in the exam is desirable.
An assumption is something which is assumed, supposed and taken for granted. When someone says something he may not put every aspect of his idea into words. That which is left unsaid or taken for granted is called an assumption.
Implication is something which is implied. It is the hidden meaning of the statement. Sometimes implications are also taken as assumptions.

An assumption is something on which the statement is based, while implication is something which is derived from and therefore based upon the statement. While doing problems on statement-assumption
one should read each statement very carefully and whenever find anything pre-supposed or taken for granted, immediately notice it. Misreading of some facts leads to incorrect answer. So while reading one should be conscious about words because sometimes a single word's presence or absence changes the entire meaning of a sentence.

Points to be remembered while evaluating assumptions :
The use of definite words may lend a different tone to a statement. So one should be careful about them. For example some key words like'only', 'best', 'strongest', 'all', 'definitely', 'certainly' etc. impact a kind of exclusiveness to the sentence and thus reduce its range.

Ex : Statement : You should use computers to increase the efficiency of your office. I. Only the use of computers can increase the efficiency of office. II. The use of computers can increase the efficiency
of the office. Assumption II is a valid one but I is not valid. In the statement it is suggested that computers
may be used to increase the efficiency but it is not said that only computers can increase the efficiency. It is only one of the methods by which ….

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